CD Duplication

At Studio sound academy, we also offer CD Duplication services to our clients. Whether you require duplicated CD’s and Cases for your bands latest album or high quality, professional demo CD’s, you should no longer waste your time searching for individual suppliers!
All our CDs are Grade ‘A’ media and we print directly onto your CD at 4800 dpi. Any image or design can be printed onto your CD in full colour.


Your old recording requires voice enhancement? Studio sound academy converts your old records and cassettes to CDs before it is too late. We can perform noise reduction for your tracks.


No matter where your CD was recorded it probably needs to be mastered to go along with industry standards. Studio sound academy can give your completed mixes that final polish to make them commercially viable and radio ready. Even if your CD has problems, you may be surprised (as many of our clients) by how much we can improve the sound of your CD.

Pitch correction / tempo adjustments

Since the beginning of recorded music, we have had to deal with the fact that some vocalists do not sing quite as in tune as they or the public might want.
If you think that the only solution is to try to have the singer perform better or pick easier material; studio sound academy can easily improve the performance of singers on recordings by doing pitch correction – process of correcting the intonation of an audio signal without affecting other aspects of its sound.
Our work will be based on manual tuning not auto tuning; we guarantee that you will not have any robot sound effects.
Without forgetting to adjust any tempo deficiencies in quantized rhythms.


Editing / Mixing

If you recorded your project somewhere else but disappointed of the results ????? There is always a solution for each problem at Studio Sound Academy through editing, fixing and mixing your multi-tracks! We can also mix or add overdubs to tracks you recorded at home. Also, we are committed to offer the customer the highest cost-benefit ratio. Consequently, we do not hesitate to offer few free sessions in order to put the final touches on the art work.


Live recording

Studio musicians are available upon request. We have access to some of the finest musicians at Studio Sound Academy. No matter what your style is, we can provide any type of player upon request. The studio musicians will come to the session prepared and will execute almost perfect. It takes one or two passes, without wasting any time and maximizing efficiency.

Audio Recording

If you are looking for a commercial major label quality, you will find it at Studio Sound Academy.
Our experienced professional engineers know how to turn your tracks hotter than usual! We work with all styles of music and sizes of groups. If you request a Demo Quality CD, you will get it done significantly faster and at a higher quality than that of studios not running Steinberg.
(Remember; if someone says, he uses Cubase make sure it is HDX! Your recording depends on it.)

Score Notation

We offer as well any type of score notation for songs in occidental or oriental music. In addition to all kinds of audibly music whether it was live, oral or registered on a CD or on any other acoustic support. The task will be fulfilled in a perfect and professional way with qualified, educated and specialised persons in this field.
It’s worth mentioning that we provide after delivering the art work, necessary and sufficiant devices related to orchestral execution : the score notation and musicians notations as well (separate notations).


Voiceover / Audio books / Jingle Production

Studio Sound Academy has a great knowledge in sales and business marketing. Consequently, we can write a custom jingle that will maximize your radio advertising with a memorable musical hook that will catch the ear of the listener, contributing therefore in making a standout, out of your advertisement. Studies have shown this to increase the effectiveness of advertising. We also can put together your next radio commercial, record dialogue for TV spots, or set dialogue to your training video.
Studio sound academy also offers two additional services: audio books services to record any text whether they were books or poems, adding appropriate background music, and text-to-speech services that will convert text into any format audio files using natural sounding voices.

Music production (composing and arranging)

At Studio Sound Academy, a group of talented musicians and sound engineers welcome you at any time, ready to provide assistance to better resonate your songs. Based on the belief that producing and engineering are extremely integrated into the recording process and therefore inseparable.
That’s why we automatically procure some assistance in producing during the recording/arrangement sessions without incurring the customer any additional cost. Moreover, we can create custom arrangements and compositions on demand. Besides, other additional services are afforded such as transcribing, arranging, beat writing, and record production.
Without forgetting re-harmonization, paraphrasing, so that the music fully represents the melodic, harmonic and rhythmic structure required by the movie production team and the music director.
Music videos (Films and theatre)
Our staff, made up of highly qualified cinema, theatre, and music professionals, is internationally experienced and offers creative expert advice in order to implement your creative projects, from concept to production.