1- Assuring bands and singers for all occasions
2- Sound equipment for all occasions
3- Slide show
4- Preparation of projection (documentary…)
5- Assuring different types of zaffat
6- Recording and composing songs and hymns


1- Slide show animation with musical accompaniment

2- Welcome drink:

3- Zaffeh (Bridal procession):

4- First dance:

5- Dinner:

6- Show cake:


1- Solo violin (minus one)
2- Strings quartet
3- Duo violin and saxophone (minus one)
4- Vocal animation (all types)
5- Chamber music (classical and oriental)
6- Classical music (piano, violin…)
7- Jazz music


1- Vocal animation (all types)
2- Chamber music (oriental and western)
3- Solo violin (minus one)
4- Duo violin and saxophone (minus one)


1- Relative projection for the graduated students
2- Solo violin (minus one)

Signing ceremony

1- Musical background on solo violin (minus one)

2- Various animation
a- Chamber music (classical and oriental)
b- Strings quartet

3- Relative projection for the author (documentary…)

Opening ceremony

1- Musical animation
a- solo violin (minus one)
b- Duo violin and saxophone (minus one)
c- Chamber music (classical and oriental)
d- Strings Quartet
e- Vocal animation (all types)


1- Animation at home

2- Animation at restaurant

a- Solo violin (minus one)

b- Chamber music (oriental and western)

c- Vocal animation

Banquets (dinner or other)

1- Musical animation
2- Solo violin (minus one)
3- Duo violin and saxophone (minus one)
4- Strings quartet
5- Chamber music (Classical and oriental)
6- Vocal animation (all types)

Sacerdotal ordination

1- Preparation of the choir

2- Service of the mass
a- Accompaniment
b- Orchestral ensemble