“Sound Academy” is the title of a multi-purpose institution that I came up with after a long journey in music, electronics and computer…
The musical field regenerated composition, teaching and everything related to the world of music, from the viewpoint of monody, polyphony, orchestration and the melody of profane songs and liturgical chants.

Teaching-wise, modern methods were combined with the discoveries that I have made during my work.
As for electronics, it is a matter of theoretical knowledge acquired through personal research and exchange with electronics, acoustics, sounding, sound taking and recording experts… This theoretical knowledge has been turned into practical application, which gradually developed to reach the professional level of auditory output.

Third, computer technology allowed me to realize a special and creative invention: it is a program designed for professional musicians, amateurs, music lovers and students, a program that will help them popularize or facilitate the complexity and complication of rhythms.
Finally, we should not omit a key component of the academy’s specialties, one of great value and widely renowned, that managed in a short period time to gather a large number of customers and bring about a significant clientele: Wedding Animation.