At Studio Sound Academy, a group of talented musicians and sound engineers welcome you at any time, ready to provide assistance to better resonate your songs. Based on the belief that producing and engineering are extremely integrated into the recording process and therefore inseparable.
That’s why we automatically procure some assistance in producing during the recording/arrangement sessions without incurring the customer any additional cost. Moreover, we can create custom arrangements and compositions on demand. Besides, other additional services are afforded such as transcribing, arranging, beat writing, and record production.
Without forgetting re-harmonization, paraphrasing, so that the music fully represents the melodic, harmonic and rhythmic structure required by the movie production team and the music director.
Music videos (Films and theatre)
Our staff, made up of highly qualified cinema, theatre, and music professionals, is internationally experienced and offers creative expert advice in order to implement your creative projects, from concept to production.


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